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If you’re reading this blog chances are you’ve picked up a controller or handheld at least a dozen times in your life to enjoy the fun and excitement that video games have to offer. While new video game consoles have mutli-core processors, 3D capabilities, and HD graphics and sound you can not even begin to appreciate these modern achievements of entertainment without looking back on how it all started.

Below is another a great video about this museum, this one aired on New York’s NY1 News channel. Take a look at this great video for an look at what a cool museum like this could offer:
NY1 Article on the Museum with Video (Flash format)
NY1 Videogame Museum Video (Direct QuickTime MP4 Video Link)

I think the idea of a museum dedicated the history of video games is a fantastic idea. I’ve been to a few museums which may have a computer or video game exhibit going on that has some cool things to offer, but having one open all the time that can constantly add and remove different items is amazing. I have met Joe Santulli who runs the Digital Press video game store in Clifton New Jersey. He’s a great guy and truly has a passion for video games old and new.

There is so much history behind the making of any game or console. Just look on Wikipedia and type in the name of any video game console or video game software. There are different variations, versions, canceled concepts, incomplete projects and other juicy details. A place where all of this information, artifacts, arcades, games, hardware, and promotional items can all be put on display and enjoyed by others is very exciting.

Here is a quote from the Videogame History Museum page to give you a bit more of information:

“The Videogame History Museum is the natural extension of the work started by John Hardie, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli almost 25 years ago. Individually, each has always seen the importance of the videogame industry and took it upon himself to gather as much information and as many artifacts as possible. Collectively, they have amassed the most comprehensive collection of hardware, software, design documentation and memorabilia ever assembled.”

I will be donating to this cause as much as I can. And even though I may not be able to make it to the $10,000 pledge mark (although lifetime membership is very, very tempting) I know that every donation helps. So if you love video games and you want to preserve their important history in a museum for everyone to visit and enjoy, then you must help support this project. Even a pledge as little was $10 will help, and it gets you a free pass to the museum!! $25 or more gets you a cool limited edition pin, and $100 or more gets you a special limited edition t-shirt plus the previously mentioned pin & admission.

The Videogame History Museum @ KickStarter – only 14 days to go!! Don’t delay!

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