Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame – Supplemental Material LaserDisc

Another one of Disney’s fine CAV deluxe edition releases. I got this on eBay, it was only the Supplemental Material Disc, the film was not included. But that’s okay, I have the film on DVD. But the film on LaserDisc did have a commentary track, however I think this is the same commentary track that’s on the DVD. But on eBay this is all that was listed. You can read more about this release on the LaserDisc Database website.

I wanted this disc because it’s special. It includes a wealth of bonus features unavailable anywhere else. The first side has 58 minutes of material, and the second side has 27 minutes of material. The second side is in CAV format, offering step frames options (for use on photo galleries, slideshows, etc) and the option to pause live video an examine it frame-by-frame. Animation enthusiasts loved LaserDiscs in CAV format, because they made the act of studying animation frame-by-frame easy. And I still love them currently because of this as well!

I’ve scanned in and made a composite of the back of this LaserDisc, which lists the Chapter Index and contents of the disc. The LaserDisc jacket was too large to fit in my scanner, so I had to scan it in a few times and combine them in Photoshop. It’s not perfect, but it allows you to read everything and take a look at the back. Enjoy!


Click on the image to see a larger version!

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