A brand new scratched record… not fun!

In April 2011 on Record Store Day my girlfriend and I picked up The Flaming lips album Heavy Fwends. Unfortunetly we just opened it (after getting a new turntable) to find that one of the sides of the two LP set was badly scratched! I’m not talking about a tiny scratch, but this thing has 12-15 heavy scratches on it.

Certainly not the condition I’d expect a brand new record to have. It looks to me like it was a factory error, besides the scratches there seems to have been some dirt or dust in the sleeve. This is a limited edition, and Warner Bros. Records has no public email or help line for Quality¬†Assurance, just a mailing address. I wouldn’t even think of mailing them this blindly without any hope of resolution.

So while I figure out how to actually contact them, here are photos of the record in question… be careful, the following images may be disturbing to record fans…