A brand new scratched record… not fun!

In April 2011 on Record Store Day my girlfriend and I picked up The Flaming lips album Heavy Fwends. Unfortunetly we just opened it (after getting a new turntable) to find that one of the sides of the two LP set was badly scratched! I’m not talking about a tiny scratch, but this thing has 12-15 heavy scratches on it.

Certainly not the condition I’d expect a brand new record to have. It looks to me like it was a factory error, besides the scratches there seems to have been some dirt or dust in the sleeve. This is a limited edition, and Warner Bros. Records has no public email or help line for Quality Assurance, just a mailing address. I wouldn’t even think of mailing them this blindly without any hope of resolution.

So while I figure out how to actually contact them, here are photos of the record in question… be careful, the following images may be disturbing to record fans…


Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Vinyl Record Promotional Flyer

My Dad was looking through some of his vinyl records and came across this. It’s looks like a standard ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade‘ Soundtrack vinyl record, but as you can see the cover has some label on the front which stats it’s lent for Promotional Use Only. He recalls this may have been a sample he was given to at work or something along those lines.

But what was inside the record was also equally as interesting. An old double-sided flyer for the Lucasfilm Fanclub, and on the reverse, a full page of Indiana Jones related merchandise to shop for! I’ve scanned in this wonderful double-sided flyer for you to enjoy. It’s quite awesome, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Color Lucasfilm Fan Club (Front Side) of Flyer – Click to see the large hi-resolution image!

Black & White Order Form (Back Side) of Flyer – Click to see the large hi-resolution image!