Game Changer ESPN Universal Remote Control Manual (PDF Scan) Remote Codes


Years ago I bought a couple of Game Changer ESPN branded Universal Remotes. The website for this remote control is no longer online and therefore the instruction manual and remote codes are very difficult to find. And without the device codes… you’ll have trouble getting this to work with your VCR, PVR, DVD player, or TV / HDTV. Thankfully once programmed the remote works well, despite it’s quirky design, so I can understand why people are still using them.

I have found my manual for this remote control and have scanned it in and uploaded it to this website. You may download this manual freely. However, please consider donating a dollar or two to the House Rabbit Society of California. This wonderful non-proft helps rescues, rehabilitates, and homes rabbits. So if you find this manual useful please consider a donation.

The PDF is only 3.7 MB in size so the image resolution isn’t great, but it’s legible so you can read the remote codes. Enjoy!

Download this PDF Manual (3.7 MB in size)