Kentucky is lucky! But Tennessee is… nevermind…

So sometimes when you’re at thrift shop, you find a shirt so stupid, so corny, and so lame that you just have to buy it! This shirt was $1.99 and turned out to be half-off! So I think this was 99 cents well spent. I doubt I’ll ever wear it, but we may just give it away in a contest here. If you’re interested check the ‘About Us’ section and send us an email. We’ll give you details once we decide what to do with this masterpiece.

Who needs cupid’s arrow? Apparently not you! Yes you, the one wearing the Kentucky shirt, you’re the one all the guys and gals want to be with! Now how could this be, does this shirt have some magical properties that make you irresistible to other people? Is the shirt just so funny that it’ll score you a date instantly? Sadly I don’t think so. But you’re free to think it will! Just don’t wander into Tennessee, your luck may not favor you too well in those parts. 😉

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But, I wanted candy…

Even though it’s still a few months until Halloween the Salvation Army has this beauty on display. Are you tired of your trick or treaters coming to your door asking ‘Where are the treats?’ without having a hilarious shirt to answer their question? Well then this shirt is for you! Because nobody wants candy on halloween, they just want you! Or probably you to give them candy…


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Unlucky Shirt

Well where do I even begin? First off this is one of those odd religious shirts that try to be funny, but it just comes off as weird. Okay I guess if you were really into the whole message of the shirt you may crack a smile or laugh as if it was an in-joke on your favorite TV show. But for most people? No, it just comes off as arrogant and silly.

Obviously this shirt was barely saved from the dumpster. Just like the old saying goes, “Why throw something out when you can bring it to the Salvation Army for a tax write off?”.

Also, I have a bone to pick with this shirt. If it’s not lucky, then why do you have a four leaf clover on it? Shouldn’t it have a 3 leaf clover? Or why a clover at all? They’re supposed to be lucky. The designer of this shirt was clearly confused, or maybe they just didn’t want to pay royalties for the much preferred Buddy Christ graphic.

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Give Me Five! Oh, wait…

Here’s another gem from a Goodwill, the often sighted awkward religious t-shirt. Sure there are many kinds of these shirts floating around, but it’s always interesting to think how this shirt was donated. Did someone really like the shirt but it no longer fit them? Was it a gift from someone and they didn’t want it? Or was their owner just too afraid to hang this shirt up in their closet due to the slogan on the shirt. You can’t not listen to a shirt with Jesus on it!  At any rate this shirt deserves better – we hope someone buys this really soon to stop Jesus from hangin’ on the t-shirt rack at Goodwill. Maybe it should be folded neatly on a shelf instead, or given the high five it so sorely deserves.

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It’s cool to be hip!

I suppose when you’re getting older and you start to see body part after body part either break down or fall off you become very thankful for what you have. Apparently after this person lost their hip they couldn’t gloat anymore with this stylish t-shirt. Oh well, maybe when Grandma gets her hip replaced you can buy this shirt for her. Hip not included.

Found at the Goodwill Store in Fogelsville, PA.

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All Bras Go to Heaven

…or at least they go to the Dollar Tree. That’s where our friend Jeffrey found this wonderful fail. A Bra which reads “Myn dog walks all over me.” Wait – what? Myn?… Oh boy. Well maybe your dog wouldn’t if you would put some damn clothes on! Thanks for the submission Jeffrey! 🙂

User submission by Jeffery – Found at a Dollar Tree for $1

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Helloooo Nurse!!

We found a group of these beauties while thrifting the other day. They probably have a thing against gingers. Who wouldn’t want to show off this lovely lady?! Booiiiyoinngg!

‘<3 Angels’ shirt – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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In Case You Didn’t Believe in Evolution

Here’s some some on going evidence.


‘98% Chimp’ shirt – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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No Love for Dad

This person is probably walking around now with a “My Dad Sucks!” shirt. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted wasn’t it Dad?


‘My Dad’s The Man!’ shirt – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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Floppy Boxers

Nerdy, Sweaty, Used, Boxers… a few words that don’t go well together. But maybe these were hardly worn… or maybe after a couple sessions of World of Warcraft this geek decided to move onto a cleaner pair. Either way you get the smelly loot he dropped and you even get to pay for it.


Floppy Disk Boxers – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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