Who would buy this?

Boy Band or Bust?

Honestly I don’t know who the hell this guy is. I’m taking a shot in the dark and guessing he’s either from some boy band or some long gone TV show. His cocky pose and look fit well in the world of thrift fails. And for $4.99 who wouldn’t want to take this home?

Sound off in the comments if you know who this “winner” is… and I mean a name not “a currently a spoiled rich kid who blew all his money and is now working at KFC.” That’s just common sense.

“Stupid Boy Photo” found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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Helloooo Nurse!!

We found a group of these beauties while thrifting the other day. They probably have a thing against gingers. Who wouldn’t want to show off this lovely lady?! Booiiiyoinngg!

‘<3 Angels’ shirt – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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Must’ve Been A Boy

Why did Sanjana’s mother throw away such a lovely pink bootie?! … and why is it next to a box of cupcake mix?

San jana’s Baby Shower boot – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store

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Floppy Boxers

Nerdy, Sweaty, Used, Boxers… a few words that don’t go well together. But maybe these were hardly worn… or maybe after a couple sessions of World of Warcraft this geek decided to move onto a cleaner pair. Either way you get the smelly loot he dropped and you even get to pay for it.


Floppy Disk Boxers – Found at the East Brunswick, NJ Goodwill Store


If someone decided to buy these cookies… I mean who wouldn’t want to eat John Goodman’s head? I sure hope they don’t try them, they’re probably as hard as Bedrock itself.

flintstones cookies

??Flintstones Cookies – Found in Englishtown, NJ at the Englishtown Auction Flea Market

Driven by Copyright Infringement

Walt Disney is probably rolling in his grave.

Driven by Faith

‘Driven By Faith’ shirt – Found at the Hazleton, PA Salvation Army Store

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