So while searching for some good records we came across some odd records. A big box full of Demo LPs or Self-Made albums by those hoping to be the next big “thing”. Well by looking at this box it’s easy to tell that they didn’t have what it took. But at least their failure gives us some joy in the form of some very odd and unique artwork.

I present to you Mr. AceLover. It seems obvious by the cover he has created (or even more sadly paid someone else to create) that he loves his beans. He loves them so much that he just had to show his excitement of them by plastering cans all over his album cover. Right behind is ecstatic face of course. Too bad Goya never backed him like he hoped, maybe they didn’t believe in the power of hip-hop styled recipes. And while we will never know what musical wonder this record holds inside, we hope there was a rockin’ track with a recipe for a wonderful bean dip. Or failing that a rap about chili.

Found at the Goodwill near Asbury Park, NJ