So this shirt was feeling good. It was displaying a positive message to the world, letting everyone know that it’s owner was an all around good guy. Until Unlucky McGee decided to start wearing it. However after a few chuckles McGee became distraught and ashamed of his constant harassment by his significant other, declaring that he wasn’t good enough to be kept around he was kicked to the curb. Soon after, to wash the shame and guilt form his wardrobe, he donated this shirt to the Salvation Army. He was never meant to be a keeper afterall. Poor McGee now wonders aimlessly around wearing a ‘Loaner’ shirt, which better suits his personality and personal hygiene.

But fear not, for a meer $2.99 you can be a keeper too!*

*Terms and conditions apply, wearing this article of clothing does not automatically make you a “keeper”. Void in┬áTennessee.