So sometimes when you’re at thrift shop, you find a shirt so stupid, so corny, and so lame that you just have to buy it! This shirt was $1.99 and turned out to be half-off! So I think this was 99 cents well spent. I doubt I’ll ever wear it, but we may just give it away in a contest here. If you’re interested check the ‘About Us’ section and send us an email. We’ll give you details once we decide what to do with this masterpiece.

Who needs cupid’s arrow? Apparently not you! Yes you, the one wearing the Kentucky shirt, you’re the one all the guys and gals want to be with! Now how could this be, does this shirt have some magical properties that make you irresistible to other people? Is the shirt just so funny that it’ll score you a date instantly? Sadly I don’t think so. But you’re free to think it will! Just don’t wander into Tennessee, your luck may not favor you too well in those parts. 😉