So do you think you’re the best? No, really the best of the best! Do you have what it takes, well do yah?! Well then maybe, just maybe you can be the proud owner of this rarity. This is a vintage 2004 Dorm Olympics t-shirt. Worn by those brave college students who drank beer after beer to take home the gold! Or in this case plastic gold trophies.

While I have no idea what the heck this t-shirt is supposed to mean or it’s reason for existing, I can only assume that this was either a poor fundraiser promotional t-shirt or some very unpopular kid had an idea to try and make beer pong an olympic sport. He would have succeeded if it wasn’t for that open window… Well whatever the reason is, this t-shirt exists and is now taking up space on our planet. Thank you drunken college students, thank you!