Everybody poops and everything gets pregnant! At least that’s what you would imagine when reading the title of this book. Now I understand this ‘The Everything’ title is supposed to be some kind of a series (like the ‘Idiots guide to…’ or ‘Dummies’ series of books). But here it just sounds… and reads, very oddly. This is one of those times when it becomes completely obvious just why something is in a junk store.

When I read title  ‘The Everything Getting Pregnant Book’ I think of a very strange novel involving a magical world where a wizard walks around with magic impregnating everything from inanimate objects to humpback whales. Sounds riveting doesn’t it? Don’t worry, I’m sure Peter Jackson will turn it into a trilogy and make millions.

At least the book’s cover is useful for one thing, it informs you that you should always keep babies in a clear container so you don’t misplace it!

Found in Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Hazel Township, PA