I have been collecting Macintosh computers and repairing them as a hobby for over 15 years and have recently started recapping my own systems.

I currently offer refurbishment, repair, and capacitor replacement (aka “recapping”) services for vintage Macintosh computers. You are likely aware that these aging electrolytic capacitors can leak onto your Macintosh logic board. These leaks are corrosive in nature and can permanently damage your board, causing your system to no longer function.

A Macintosh Classic logic board being cleaned before recapping.

If your vintage Macintosh has not had it’s capacitors replaced, you should consider doing this replacement yourself, or having this done by someone who is capable. Capacitor leakage is just one of the common issues that these computers can face. Leaking old clock (PRAM) batteries are another!

The solution to fixing the capacitor issue involves carefully removing the old capacitors, cleaning the board, and replacing the capacitors with long-lasting replacements.

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