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One Last Thing…

I still can’t believe this is true, that he’s really gone.  Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer, has passed away at the young age of 56. Every photo I see… its really tough, I can’t believe we’ll never see this amazing man again. What a great guy, I didn’t think this would effect me as much as it is. But it is. I can’t begin to imagine what his friends, family and co-workers are feeling now.

I’m imagining all of us who are a bit of a geek are all feeling a bit blue now. Even if you for some reason dislike the company, their products or Steve himself, you have a lot to thank him and admire him for. The fonts on our computers, the touch-screen on your phone, the graphical user interface we use today, saving Pixar and helping to create some of their great films. We have a lot because of Steve, whether you realize it or not.

May you forever rest in peace Steve, you put a dent in the universe we will never, ever forget. 

Thank you Steve.

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