Tron LaserDisc (Exclusive Archive Collection)

So I got an awesome LaserDiscs in the mail today, one that I’ve wanted for a while… TRON! This is one of Disney’s CAV boxsets. The original price tag, still on the package, reads $99.99. This title is part of the Exclusive Archive Collection Series, a total of 14 different films were released for this collection, 7 in the United States, and 7 in Japan with some overlapping of titles.

This exclusive edition of Tron, only to appear on LaserDisc, contains a full double-sided CAV disc full of extras. Since I was lucky enough to get this set in very good condition, I have the nice booklet that came along with it. However, some of you may have not been so lucky. So I have scanned in the back of the booklet, which lists all the chapter stops where the supplementary features are. I hope this comes in handy for you! 🙂


Tron LaserDisc Booklet – Click for Full-Size Scan